GAR form Support for UK Inbound Flights

UK Border Force and Police Entry Requirements

We added a new option to our Flightplan App which should appeal to those that regularly fly into the United Kingdom. As you are probably well aware, the UK is not part of the Schengen-agreement and requires you to inform the UK Border Force as well as specific UK Police units of your intended flight into the UK.

Filing a GAR “General Aviation Report” is mandatory when flying into the United Kingdom. It is best to also file a so-called outbound GAR form when leaving the UK as it might become mandatory soon. The GAR form must be sent a number of hours prior to flight in order to inform the relevant authorities.

Inbound flights into the UK:

  • From outside the EU: 24 hours
  • From within the EU (except Ireland): 4 hours
  • From Ireland: 12 hours
  • From Northern Ireland or the Isle of Man: 12 hours
  • From the Channel Islands: 12 hours

Outbound from the UK:

  • To destinations outside the EU: 24 hours
  • To destinations inside the EU: 2 hours (advisory)
  • To Ireland: 12 hours
  • To Northern Ireland or the Isle of Man: 12 hours
  • To the Channel Islands: 12 hours

We teamed up with to provide a smooth process flying to the UK. However, we also offer the filing of GAR forms from within AeroPlus. Open up an account at, buy some credits from them which allows you to file GAR forms from their system and link your “” account to AeroPlus as follows:

  • Go on to the Profile section to see your own profile
  • Go to the “Integrator Permission” tab and give AeroPlus permission to access your account data
  • Save the preferences
  • Now go to the AeroPlus Flightplan app to “User account” settings and got “edit” it and add the e-mail address there in the section “ONLINE GAR” which you used to register your account with “”.
  • Save the changes
  • Add your aircraft and people to your account
  • Now you are setup and ready to file GAR forms directly from the app
Online GAR filing right from within our flightplan app.

Online GAR filing right from within our flightplan app.


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