3D Touch & Peek and Pop support in Flightplan App

With the new iPhone 6s Apple started to introduce touch-sensitive screens. These touch-sensitive screens are sensitive to how hard you press on the screen and different actions can be linked to for example a soft press compared to pressing a little harder. Apple calls this 3D Touch. A related feature is the Peek and Pop feature that Apple introduced. At this moment the iPhone 6s and Apple Watch are the only Apple devices that support this new kind of touch-sensitive screens, but it is expected that future iPhones, iPads and other devices from Apple will be equipped with this new screen as well.

3D-Touch - 13D-Touch - 2

3D Touch

In the below screencast we explain how the new Apple 3D Touch, as well as the Peek and Pop features, work on the iPhone 6s in relation to our flight plan app. Instead of clicking on the App icon to open it, you just press on it a little harder to get a context-sensitive menu of options. From here you can instantly create a new flight plan or e.g. reverse your last flight plan for a quick setup for the flight back home.

Currently, only the AeroPlus Flightplan App supports this new 3D Touch feature. Download our flight plan app from the Apple Appstore and try it out for free for 1 month.