Our Barra beach landing wins top votes for extreme airport approach

Named as ‘The Airport with the Most Extreme Approach by PrivateFly,’ a booking network, in a global poll to determine the most scenic airport landings.

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Barra Airport (BRR/EGBR) located in a shallow bay called Traigh Mhor at the north tip of the island of Barra in the Outer Hebrides, Scotland took top honours in the results of a released 2011 survey. Then again this year it was voted on again. My video of the landing on the beach of Barra was selected.

I didn’t do too much to the video I shot. The GoPro camera was just mounted there while we first approached the airport to overfly it, inspecting the “runway” environment, then to return to land on the beach.

Approach to Barra in a Piper Archer II.

On the taxi drive out to the “runway” takeoff point, we got stuck in the beach sand twice. The friendly airport staff had to tow us out of the water onto a dry beach area.


Landrover towing our Piper aircraft to a dry and hard part on the beach of Barra.