Hoedspruit (civil) Airfield

The Hoedspruit Civil Airfield is located right in the centre of Hoedspruit and close to its shopping facilities. You don’t need prior permission to land. There is an honesty box hanging there for you to put in the landing/parking fee, so bring along some cash (Rand).

The radio frequency 126.400 is the frequency of Hoedspruit Approach (military). They also take care of Hoedspruit Civil arrivals and departures. Just call them on the radio before entering the Hoedspruit CTR or call them on the ground before departure.

Africa Trip 2016Africa Trip 2016

On short final flying low over Hoedspruit. From this side, the threshold is displayed due to the buildings right up to the runway area.

Africa Trip 2016Africa Trip 2016

Bigger aircraft like here the Pilatus PC12 can easily land here. In this case they were dropping off passengers for a nearby lodge. The lodge vehicle came to pick them up.


There is an honesty box where you can deposit the landing and any parking fee. It is considered safe to park your aircraft but we suggest you lock up the plane. From the parking position you can walk to the shopping center.


Below I am lined up for departure on runway  17. The video shows part of the backtrack on the runway and the same departure.



The airfield is situated inside the Hoedspruit CTR controlled by the airforce. Contact their approach frequency on 126.4 before entering the CTR or when on the ground at Hoedspruit Civil and ready for departure or just after takeoff.

There is AVGAS available on the airfield by prior arrangement. Contact us if you need contact details. Note: the runway has been paved by now.

Be aware that there are no formal taxi services in Hoedspruit, so if you need to go to a nearby lodge, arrange with them to pick you up from the airfield.

Airfield Website: http://www.hoedspruitcivil.co.za/
Airfield Webcam: http://www.hoedspruitcivil.co.za/webcam.htm

If you are interested in joining a guided self-fly safari tour: https://www.africanflyingadventures.com