Crossing Boundaries Bonus

Book Companion Bonus Section

This section on our website is dedicated to readers of my book “Crossing Boundaries: how to plan your flight anywhere in the world.” The Kindle eBook is available through

The book gives you basic information on how to travel with your aircraft through continents like Africa or the Middle East. It explains what is needed to make cross boundary and adventurous flights into such unknown territories work out.

I was unable to include everything in the book itself. Also, some content is better kept up-to-date on a website instead of written in stones inside my book. Therefore, I created this Book Companion Bonus Section to provide you with additional information that might help you out when preparing for your next flying adventure. Sign-up with your name and e-mail address to get access to the bonus material.

Crossing Boundaries Bonus Section

Yes, take me to the bonus section of the Crossing Boundaries book.

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