ATS Reporting Offices (ARO)

AeroPlus offers an integrated briefing and flight plan filing solution to Air Traffic Service (ATS) Reporting Offices (ARO). Through AeroPlus, ARO offices can support pilots with their flight planning and filing needs. AeroPlus automates but at the same time gives ARO officers flexibility to adjust and control over the whole process.

Integrated pilot flight briefing

Our software for ARO offices accommodates a fully integrated briefing solution to help pilots plan their VFR, IFR or composite (Y or Z) flights and flight plans. AeroPlus offers pilots a straight forward way to prepare the flight plan, study the NOTAMS, find a valid IFR route and check the en route weather. AeroPlus creates a harmonised route pack with all the relevant information including the plates. Pilots can print the route pack or store it on their tablet.


Route pack with all the route and alternate plates in an A5 booklet.

Flightplan Control Centre

Our control centre web-based software gives ARO officers an instant overview of all the submitted flight plans and their status. You can take full control of the flight plan filing process. Take control of all the flight plans submitted and departing from the FIR or area you are responsible for and fully address and distribute the VFR or composite (Y or Z) flight plans. See who is submitting flight plans. Review, modify or approve flight plans. Filter on only active flight plans. Changes and newly submitted flight plans appear dynamically on your screen. You do not have to refresh your web-browser to see them. All pure IFR flightplans are handed over to Eurocontrol, but the VFR fligtplans or the VFR part in composite flightplans are fully addressed for the flightplans departing from or arriving in your area of responsibility. You can review and approve them first or auto-address them.

VFR addressing engine

The VFR addressing can be done automatically. However, as ARO officer you can manually adjust the suggested addresses or manually address the whole flightplan as well.


VFR addressing engine and editor.

The AeroPlus addressing editor and engine make it easy to address complex flightplans. At busy weekend days, our software can even automate the flightplan approval, addressing and distribution process. The AeroPlus addressing engine covers all of Europe up to the east coast of Canada and takes all addressing exceptions into account. AeroPlus also offers its VFR addressing engine through an Application Programming Interface (API).

AeroPlus Smart IFR Routing Engine

Finding IFR routes can be a challenge. Eurocontrol can suggest in many cases one or more valid routes, but only at one flight level. In case no route is available at one specific flight level, no route suggestions are returned from a query to the Eurocontrol CFMU/IFPS route engine. The AeroPlus IFR Smart Routing Engine extends on the Eurocontrol provided engine and can make level changes and adjustments often leading to valid routes where the CFMU/IFPS system cannot find it. The routes are validated against the Eurocontrol system and the AeroPlus IFR Smart Routing Engine also estimates the estimated elapsed time (EET) enroute for you. The EET calculation takes the forecasted winds aloft, average climb gradient and aircraft performance into account.


AeroPlus Smart IFR Route Engine: generation and validation of IFR routes.

While working with VFR flightplans our software automatically includes the correct EET until the FIR boundaries into the flightplan. The estimates until the FIR boundaries ares calculated taking the predicted winds aloft for the date/time of flight, the aircraft performance and average climb gradient into account. That is, if a known flight level or altitude is specified in the VFR flightplan, the expected winds aloft is taken into consideration. If VFR is specified as flightlevel, the EET estimate to the FIR boundaries is calculated without the winds aloft. Our Smart IFR Routing Engine is also available through an Application Programming Interface (API).

AeroPlus Aviation Weather service

The AeroPlus Aviation Weather service serves weather reports with the expected winds aloft, top-of-clouds and convective energy predicted enroute next to the expected METAR and TAF data. The weather is presented visually as much as possible for easy interpretation. Hoever, the pilot can zoom in on the details underlying most of the charts. A simplified Skew-T diagram, which we call the ‘Clouds Diagram’, gives the pilot information on the clouds layers he can expect during his flight.

aeroplus-weather-app-ipad-14 aeroplus-weather-app-ipad-6

Some screenshots of the AeroPlus Avaition Weather App.

The AeroPlus Weather Data is available through an Application Programming Iinterface (API) as well.

Custom mobile apps

AeroPlus can accomodate the delivery of custom-styled mobile apps for your pilots. The apps can be made available to the Apple AppStore under your ARO office name delivering flightplan filing features to your pilots. You stay in control as the submitted flightplans will show up on the AeroPlus Control Center software.



Some screenshots of our Weather App.

Eurocontrol partner

AeroPlus partnered with Eurocontrol and can accommodate you with all the Eurocontrol EAD information, PAMS plates, NOTAMS and Eurocontrol flightplan filing features through an intuitive web-based interface. Your pilots and controllers only need a web-browser, internet connnection or while traveling an iPhone or iPad or other tablet.

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