AeroPlus Flightplan app integrates with SkyDemon

AeroPlus Flightplan app integrates with SkyDemon

Doesburg – AeroPlus collaborated with SkyDemon. Our AeroPlus Flightplan app for iPhone/iPad now integrates with the SkyDemon app on the same mobile platform. The result is a total integrated flying solution from filing VFR/IFR flight plans, searching for valid IFR routes to moving the resulting route data to SkyDemon. SkyDemon then offers en route VFR and IFR charts, VFR and IFR approach plates as well as NOTAMS.


Screenshots from native iPhone flight plan app.

The flight plan app is great in getting valid IFR routes within Europe. The routing engine supports level changes, directs and IFR-join (Z) and IFR-cancel (Y) flight plan routes as well as a validation mechanism to make sure the route is a valid Eurocontrol route. At the top bar of the app, you will find the “Open in…” option, which opens up the opportunity to move the flight plan route with its details to other apps such as SkyDemon.


Open in … gives you the option to open the flight plan route in other apps such as SkyDemon.

SkyDemon integrated the open file exchange protocol and thus adds the IFR routing and filing opportunities of AeroPlus to their own product capabilities. As a pilot, the combination works great as you (1) search for a valid IFR route, (2) file the flight plan and then (3) move the flight plan and route data into SkyDemon to get the en route chart, plates and NOTAMS.


Flightplan route from AeroPlus Flightplan app opened up in SkyDemon. 

SkyDemon works on the iPad but also comes out with an iPhone version, thus giving you a good backup to your iPad digital flight bag. Also, all the VFR and IFR plates can be downloaded per country up front, so you always will have the most current plates with you. Each AIRAC cycle of 28 days, the plates, routes and data updates will be offered to you for a quick and fast update on your mobile devices.

Switching between VFR and IFR mode

The cool thing about SkyDemon is the fact that you can easily switch between VFR and IFR mode. While flying along, just press one button and the IFR en route chart showing the airways and IFR waypoints changes into a VFR chart with the CTRs, TMAs and other information. This makes the iPad, with the AeroPlus Flightplan, AeroPlus Weather and the SkyDemon apps installed on it, the ultimate tool for flying both VFR and IFR in Europe without further paper charts or other tools needed.


The iPad as ultimate electronic flight bag.